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If you're looking for proven promotional furniture to EXPLODE your sales and put you on the fast track to a profitable bottom line, then you're in the right place.

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Mike Root

Mike RootFirst off I want to thank you for taking the time to visit us on the worldwide web.  If you are taking the time to actually read our bio’s, then you must be really interested in doing with business with us.  After all who checks out the about us comments unless they either 1) want to learn more about the person so they can do business with that person or 2) they are a competitor trying to figure out what the heck we’re doing right.

So if you fall in category (1), let me tell you a bit about why you want to do business with us.

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Phil the dog

After losing our long-time friend, and CMO, Huey, Phil Andrew Root (PAR) took over the position. He gets along well with the entire group.

Since joining our team, in May of 2015, he has done his part by sharing kisses, and just being cute and photogenic (since he is our official mascot too). We’ve discovered he is really good at keeping the office running smoothly and efficiently, and he has also taken charge of the welcoming committee.

We look forward to having him around for years to come.

Ps. He does take lots of naps during the work-day, but we won’t tell the boss.

Emmet Root

Both avid golfers, Emmet & Mike hoist the US OPEN trophy at Pebble Beach!Over the years, I have seen tremendous changes in factories and a customer base, yet through it all, there is one thing that stays constant and has allowed us to grow - - - providing good, solid communication between the factories and the retailers so that the consumer gets taken care of in the best manner possible.
That is what we do, and why we have grown to... one of the largest sales rep agencies in our marketplace!

Over the years, I have been partners in retail stores, rental stores as well as...

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Jay Root

Jay RootI am a fourth generation furniture guy who has been raised around the business. In high school I worked at Furniture Sales—specifically the expense reports, filing customer orders and making sure all fabric swatches were complete and in mint condition.

Now a few years down the road and I’m actually hitting the road! I still can’t believe they’re letting me out of the office…

In addition to our traditional business of selling to the best Brick and Mortar dealers in the industry, we have been privileged to work with some of the best ecommerce furniture retailers. This has been a HUGE area for growth for us and we see that only getting stronger and stronger.

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